What Is IaaS and Why It Is Vital To Your Business

As the world continues to deploy more “cloud-based” solutions for businesses to easily access and store their sensitive data, the need for a strong IaaS structure becomes more and more essential. But many SMB business owners are not sure what IaaS truly means or how to implement it in their own businesses.

So, what is IaaS anyway?

IaaS is a common acronym that simply means “Infrastructure as a Service”. But although this is a pretty easy acronym to breakdown, the metrics and security protocols that it is meant to drive behind it are vital for companies in the 21st century.

As defined by one of our partners, Tech Funnel: “IaaS is a form of cloud computing that delivers essential resources to consumers on a subscription basis.” This means that through this platform, fundamental resources for computing (including computing, network management, and storage) are delivered as a digital-based service on an “as-needed” basis. So with a well-maintained and executed IaaS platform, companies are able to grow and or diminish their resources needed to deliver products or services needed (including CPU, power, etc) in a cloud-based platform.

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What are some common uses for an IaaS Environment?

  • Testing and Development
    • Have you heard of the term “sandbox”? This was coined as a way for developers to test a live product or environment before going live. IaaS is a great way for companies to test and develop scalability across multiple places to see how many resources are truly needed before moving to a public cloud environment.
  • Website Hosting and Web Applications
    • Remember sandbox? This is where a sandbox trial can truly shine. Website hosting can use a lot of data and resources so when tested with an IaaS structure, companies can test their website through a cloud-hosted platform and then pass-on the responsibilities for resource billing once built.
  • Storage, Backup, and Recovery
    • Why would you internally have your team spend crucial hours that could be used for supporting your clients wasted on backups and recovery? Many companies can waste dozens of hours per month testing and confirming their current storage, backup, and recovery standings when an IaaS environment can assist with this automatically (saving businesses time and money).
  • High-Performance Computing
    • While most industries do not need a high-performance shell to work from, many industries (including manufacturing & design) need additional resources in order to run their programs – especially when hosted in an SAP environment. Through an IaaS platform, you can easily push the necessary resources to those users/consoles and ensure that you are not overloading the system (or have these high-performance resources sent to devices that do not need the additional processing time) to save you money and resources.

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The benefits of deploying IaaS successfully are worth the time and resources saved for businesses, but to sum these up into 2 items? Think of Deployment and Scalability. 

The ability to deploy this service quickly and on an as-needed basis once setup, this will help determine the trending trajectory of a company and then scale as you see the improvement to your business. And the scalability to ensure that different resources and tools are working efficiently together helps your business scale by spreading out assets and give you the reliable service to be backed upon.

So now that we know what IaaS truly means to your business, what are the next steps?

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