Cloud Business Continuity

When it comes to cloud business continuity and disaster recovery, we understand that SMB’s and enterprise corporations are under a great deal of pressure. Our DR professionals and cloud business continuity experts can help your team access current vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, operations, and asserts to formulate a disaster recovery plan and mitigate fires at hand. Our priority when it comes to DR is to quickly and effectively get your company’s operations back to normal while taking your organization’s budget and infrastructure needs into consideration.

How Long Will Your Business Suffer After Disaster Strikes?

Without a proper disaster recovery plan in place or a partner who can help you quickly recover from a data breach, your business could lose thousands of dollars,  if not tens of thousands of dollars, in operational costs. Accram, Inc. will customize a cloud business continuity plan that prevents your company from long-term suffering, business closure, and unrecoverable costs rooting from cloud disasters. Although we hope for the best, our team of cloud computing professionals and business continuity experts plan for the worst. What we incorporate into our cloud DR and business continuity plans:

  • Power outages
  • Data security breaches
  • Key personnel disasters and breaches
  • Equipment failures
  • Infrastructure disasters
  • And more

Business Continuity Integrated With The Cloud

As cloud solutions advance and infrastructure modernize, you need a partner who can adapt to your organization’s technology and scaling needs. Alongside our disaster recovery solutions, we integrate cost-effective and strategic business continuity planning and consulting into our lineup of cloud-based services. With our Mobile Office and private cloud solutions, business continuity is built in.

Key components of Accram’s cloud business continuity services:

Secure Backup and Restoration

Desktop replication virtual machine duplication is part of our DR plan. Based on your company’s unique requirements and interval needs, we’ll formulate a primary to secondary site migration plan.

Sustained Productivity and Operations

As soon as disaster strikes, we’ll work to ensure your employees and team members remain productive. Our customized cloud business continuity plans include single-device recovery and connection.

Centralized IT

With Accram’s business continuity and disaster recovery services, you can connect your employees and third-party contractors on one centralized system - steaming required applications and resources directly to their cloud desktop.

Secure Endpoints and HIPAA Compliance

Cloud disasters and security breaches aren’t limited to specific industries. Accram, a HIPAA Compliant Business Associate, offers secured business continuity solutions for healthcare providers, insurance networks, and medical groups.

When it comes to cloud business continuity, having a disaster recovery plan in place is essential to keep operations running smoothly. Our cloud computing experts and continuity professionals are dedicated to protecting your organization by eliminating potential infrastructure risks and working side-by-side with your team to construct, maintain, and practice the DR plan we formulate. While we hope for the best, we make sure your company’s data on the cloud is safeguarded before disaster strikes.


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