Cloud Backup

As your technology evolves, your backup solutions should too. Accram’s modernized cloud backup service is designed to protect your company’s data and safeguard your customer’s information. Integrating traditional cloud backup practices with advanced security and automated processes, you can trust Accram to deliver reliable and fast data storage and recovery. Our team of computing experts will help your organization eliminate any current challenges and risks with your cloud’s security, and develop a cost-effective cloud backup strategy that fits your company’s goals.

How Accram’s cloud backup service will help your organization:

Access On The Go

Accessibility and recovery are critical when it comes to operational efficiency. With our cloud backup solutions, you can access your files anytime and anywhere.

Expedited Document Recovery Time

Uploading something new to your cloud infrastructure? Need quick access? Recovery time with Accram less than 30-seconds, allowing you to restore data faster than your current provider.

Certified Security and Encryption

Security is a centralized component of our cloud storage plans for businesses. In storage or transit, your company’s and customer’s data is protected by our advanced encryption and certified disaster protection technology.

Total Cloud Coverage and Control

Accram’s cloud backup solutions are designed to give you total coverage and control when it comes to your data. Whether or not you’re fully migrated to the cloud, we’ll backup everything from files and folders to disks, partitions, and virtual machines.

With Accram, Inc., there are a variety of benefits when you partner with our technology and cloud computing professionals. Our cloud backup service plans are affordable and secure, flexible to your businesses needs. In need of HIPAA compliance cloud backup and storage solutions?  Accram, a HIPAA Compliant Business Associate, is skilled and experienced in the healthcare industry. Our cloud computing professionals that handle PHI files are required to take ongoing training classes and sign confidentiality agreements.

Cloud Backup FAQs

What is cloud backup? Cloud backup is when the files, applications, servers, virtual machines, and assets on the cloud are stored safely on an online network.

Is cloud storage better than on-premise storage? With Accram’s cloud backup and storage and solutions, your data will be protected from onsite catastrophes, human error, and natural disasters. Cloud data centers, unlike on-premise solutions, and secured and certified per geographical region regulations.

Is there a limit to how much data I can store on the cloud? No. Accram’s cloud backup and storage services and pricing are based on your needs and intake levels.


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