Cloud Application Hosting

Traditionally, SMB’s and corporate enterprises have had to run and manage their infrastructure on-premise, increasing security vulnerabilities and disaster risks on a day-to-day basis. Now, with the availability of cloud computing and modernized infrastructure, companies can lower their costs, introduce new application hosting without the risk, and enjoy painless system upgrades.

Accram, a recognized partner in the managed cloud hosting space, delivers cost-effective, reliable, and scalable cloud application hosting for business of 50 and 50,000 plus. We service multi-unit corporations and small businesses, with security being our top priority.

Enterprise Level Security with Accram

With a business as unique as yours, you need a cloud hosting partner who can adapt to your technology while still providing top-notch security auditing. Accram’s team of cloud computing professionals are experienced in a variety of industries, giving us the ability to securely host servers and industry-specific applications in our safeguarded and managed data center. Our data centers and virtual machines are secured with state-of-the-art firewalls, controlled access,  nightly backups, 24/7 security personnel monitoring, camera monitoring, armed hallways, backup power generators and more.

When you partner with Accram for cloud application hosting, you not only gain a secure data center resource, but you gain access to our technical expertise in application, vendor, and technology communication, taking the burden off our your team when it comes to IT operations.

Private and Public Cloud Hosting Solutions

Migrating to a new cloud platform isn’t required when you partner with Accram. We adapt to your technology and focus on improving and securing your infrastructure as you grow your organization and develop/deploy new applications.

Benefits of partnering with Accram for your cloud hosting application needs:

Reliable Accessibility

The benefits of cross-device cloud collaboration don’t stop at your applications. Access your data on any device with 99.9% uptime. With Accram, uptime is all the time.

Cloud Hosting Security

Security is our top priority when it comes to your organization. We follow industry best-practices when it comes to security, and integrate our advanced security scanning and auditing tools.

Support and Integrated Backups

To ensure your data is protected and accessible, we integrate our cloud backup services with every partner using our cloud-hosted applications. 24/7 support is offered to keep your team trained and informed on cloud updates and changes.

HIPAA Compliance

When you partner with Accram, a HIPAA Compliant Business Associate, you don’t have to worry about outsourcing another company. All of our IT professionals who come in contact with PHI files are trained and HIPAA certified.


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With the modernization of infrastructure and cloud computing services, it makes sense to partner with a provider who can adapt to your organization. Accram, Inc., offers a secure, reliable, and scalable cloud application hosting solutions for multi-unit corporations and SMB’s in a variety of industries.

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