Microsoft Office 365

Deployment and Managed Cloud Services

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based solution designed to safeguard your company’s infrastructure, support your internal team members, and modernize the delivery of computing without the risk or inconvenience of single-device accessibility.  Although Office 365 is relatively new, many small businesses and enterprises have migrated to the cloud to take advantage of its cross-collaboration features. Partnered with Accram’s robust cloud computing deployment and managed cloud services, your company will be powered with the tools and team needed to communicate, share, and protect your data effectively.

Office 365 FAQ’s:

Yes! Microsoft Office 365 was designed as a web-based solution for enterprise-level companies in need of a reliable and flexible productivity tool. Understanding the framework and features of Office 365 will help you visualize its application in your 50 - 50,000+ employee corporation.

Microsoft Office 365 is a flexible, cost-effective, and convenient tool for companies and organizations in every industry. Some of the top benefits and features of Microsoft Office 365:

  • Web-based communication tools. Rather than storing sensitive information on your personal device, your team can collaborate, communicate, and send messages through Microsoft’s web-based applications. All messages, emails, and documents are stored on your provider’s network.
  • Connected applications and assets. Forgotten flash drives are a thing of the past. With Microsoft Office 365, presentations, documents, excel files, and other applications are accessible and shareable from every device. No special software or tools are needed to collaborate and connect with your team on the go.
  • Reliable file storage. Backup, sync, and access files stored on your computer or workstation automatically - no need to worry about corrupted documents or stolen/destroyed devices. With Office 365, you’re only paying for the amount of storage used.
  • Data management and recovery. With Microsoft Office 365, legal compliance requirements and infrastructure are automatically developed and outlayed, giving your organization a competitive and safeguarded advantage. Whatever your needs are, when partnered with a cloud computing company like Accram, you can expect faster data recovery, and accommodate unpredicted backup/storage demands.
  • Integrated application development. If you’re searching for an all-in-one cloud-based solution for your gaming company or app development company, Microsoft Office 365 should be a top candidate. Office 365 includes pre-coded directory, search, and security tools essential to develop cross-platform experiences.
  • Big data analytics tools. Outsourcing a big data analytics provider isn’t required with Microsoft Office 365’s cloud solution. Analyze insights, recognize patterns, make predictions, and improve your organization's data forecasting directly in Office 365.

Migration & Deployment

Once you’re ready to make the move to Microsoft Office 365, schedule a consultation with Accram’s cloud migration advisors and experts to start formulating a cloud deployment plan. When it comes to migration and deployment, our goal is to reduce your direct costs, eliminate business disruptions, and simplify the learning process for your company.

Managed Office 365 Cloud Services

Whether or not you’ve made the move with or without Accram, our team of cloud service professionals are ready to serve your company and fully manage your Microsoft Office 365 setup. Our managed cloud services are more than a “fix-it” solution - we are a 24/7 partner that will support your team in a variety of ways.


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