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Ready to make the move to Microsoft Office 365? Accram offers complete migration and cloud deployment services for small businesses and corporations around the nation, ensuring a smooth transition from on-premise infrastructure or another cloud service. We remain hands-on throughout the entire process to empower your team with the tools, support, and training you need to migrate to office 365 with confidence.

Benefits of migrating to Office 365:

Collaboration Made Easy

Give your team the tools they need to collaborate effectively. Microsoft Office 365 has a variety of collaboration options including email, instant messaging, video conferencing, and more. All data and messages shared are stored on your provider’s network.

Optimized Infrastructure

Remove the hassle and stress involved with on-premise infrastructure or outsourced services. The Office 365 cloud is a web-based solution built for growing businesses.  With the heavy lifting of infrastructure and data security removed, you can focus on user adoption.

Cross-Device Connection

Transform the way your company shares, accesses, and presents data. With Microsoft Office 365, your team can access and edit the documents you have stored on the cloud on any device, without the security risk or concern of unrecoverable data.

Integrated Analytics and Development Tools

Maximize your team’s efficiency with Microsoft Office 365’s integrated big data analytics and app development tools. The data and pre-coded directory, search, and security features you’ll have access to eliminate the need to outsource or invest in other costly software.

Moving any organization - whether it’s a 50-person employee business or 50,000-member corporation - requires a team of technical experts and experienced cloud adoption professionals to guide you along the way. You can rely on Accram, Inc., to develop a cost-effective, secure, and seamless cloud deployment plan that meets your company’s needs and efficiency goals.

Pre-Migration Analysis

Before we start the Office 365 migration and deployment process, we evaluate your business’  goals, budget, and current infrastructure to determine what plan would best suit your team.  Throughout this “pre-migration” analysis, we also flag and fix existing software security risks and infrastructure flaws to prepare for a seamless deployment.

Microsoft Office 365 Deployment

Based on the information uncovered in our pre-migration analysis, we’ll customize a cloud deployment plan that safely and quickly transfers your company’s data to the cloud. Depending on the size of your organization and the architecture of your current infrastructure, the deployment process may be broken into several stages. Below are some of the popular models used in cloud migration:

  • Cutover Migration: If you have a small amount of data that needs to be transferred over, a cutover migration plan is optimal. In this model, all data - mailboxes, features, and apps used in your current infrastructure - is transferred in one swift movement.
  • Staged Migration: If you have a large amount of data that needs to be migrated to Office 365, we break the cloud deployment process into several stages. This multi-stage cloud migration method ensures a seamless data transfer and uninterrupted work schedules.
  • Hybrid Migration: If you have a significant amount of data to transfer to the cloud or have a strict compliance process you need to follow, a hybrid migration is ideal. Hybrid migrations work in stages - allowing companies to move some data to the cloud while continuing required operations in the current infrastructure.
  • SSO (Single Sign-On Migration): Unlike the other migration structures, SSO migration is dedicated to supporting a company’s internal structures through cloud collaboration. Active directories remain in the current infrastructure, but the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 are integrated into the model.

The best way to estimate the cost and timeline of an Office 365 migration is to schedule a complimentary analysis with Accram. Our technology experts will outline a preliminary design proposal fit for your organization.


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