Virtual Desktop

Get rid of tethered Desktops and move your offices workstations onto your privately hosted, HIPAA compliant, cloud network. Instead of a physical location your workstation is now VIRTUAL. You will gain:

Device Independence:

  • Your office can now use their personalized, virtual workstation with any device connected to the internet. (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.) and each workstation will have a virtual desktop in the cloud.
  • Tired of emailing files to other devices? Our infrastructure provides instant access to your virtual desktop data from any internet connected device.

Virus Protection:

  • Our Managed IT infrastructure setup of Mobile Office minimizes the threat of viruses. We will be alerted when a virus attacks your virtual workstation. We will delete your virtual workstation. The virus infestation is now gone. We then recreate your pre-existing virtual workstation.

Desktop as a Service:

  • Why spend the time managing desktops? Your company’s desktops are now a service that can be added and deleted on a monthly basis.

Printing as a Service:

  • We will setup your printers for your virtual workstations. Each physical connection (Workstation, tablet) will be setup to print to local print devices. We can even do Managed Print Services (MPS) as a service. We can setup a custom plan on a per seat, per print, or per month basis. Your printers, your choice.

Move your desktops to the cloud and get rid of the tethered data, and your employees now have complete freedom of movement. They can process any information anywhere they have an internet connected device. Call us at: 1-800-786-0288


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