Virtual Servers

Move your network to the cloud. Make your network accessible to those people needing untethered data. When you remove the physical network and go virtual you say …No More:

  • No more costs for replacing/upgrading servers.
  • No more dedicated rooms with specialized AC units.
  • No more late nights spent with a network technician trying to revive a dead server.
  • No more Operating System (Microsoft) or Database (SQL) renewal fees.
  • Each of your servers are going to be rebuilt with a Brand New virtual server. We will maintain each virtual server with Microsoft released updates. Your virtual server will be upgraded to the latest
  • Operating system per Microsoft SaaS Policy.


We will move your existing Security Policies onto the new Virtual Server. Your people will have the same looking network as you do today. The only difference? The network will be virtual.
Backup (Offsite and Onsite): We have redundant systems at multiple data center facilities. The redundant systems are designed to resync every twenty minutes. Your virtual servers are backed up daily with copies located at each data center facility.

Virus Protection:

We use Webroot antivirus software. Webroot employs: Cloud Predictive security. Webroot scans files for the behavior of the file and determines if it is good bad or unknown. If the file behavior is unknown, webroot runs the file in a sandbox environment on the device to determine the behavior of the file. If the behavior of the file is bad, webroot removes the sandbox environment and logs the file in the Webroot database. This database will help to protect your virtual servers from future attacks.

Your virtual network is free of the costs (dollars, time, virus issues) associated with the physical environment. Your virtual network: Keeps existing security policy, Provides enhanced backup and Uses a heuristic (learning) virus protection program. Call us: 1-800-786-0288


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