Managed IT Services for Financial Institutions

Robust Infrastructure and Managed IT for Banks

To stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing financial market and digital landscape, your financial institution needs to partner with an IT company that you can rely on. Accram, Inc., a recognized IT service provider based in Phoenix, Arizona, offers a variety of managed IT infrastructure and cloud computing solutions designed to scale with your organization and protect your customer’s funds. From banks, credit unions, and capital markets to insurance companies and cryptocurrency providers, our team of technology experts and compliant IT professionals are here to support your organization.

Secure & Compliant IT Services

At Accram, we understand the sensitivity around customer PII, personal data, card transactions, identity management, and network security. To protect your company’s and your customer’s data, we integrate multiple layers of security - including email encryption, threat detection auditing, data backup procedures, and more - into your software and connected technology.  All security best practices and procedures we follow are standard within our managed  IT services for financial companies and follow personal data protection laws, GDPR compliance, and personal information protection acts.

Is Your Data Protected?

Is your data protected? Are you partnered with a trustworthy complaint IT service provider? Accram, Inc. has been providing managed IT services for financial organizations since 1981. Data security - especially when it comes to safeguarding your employees and customers - is our number one priority. Every qualified consultation scheduled with Accram, Inc. includes an on-site visit and a detailed security risk assessment by our trained professionals. Schedule your consultation, today!

Secure, Streamlined, and Reliable Managed IT Services

Many multi-unit financial institutions are making the switch to Accram, a compliant and reliable managed IT services provider for financial companies. We keep up with cloud computing demands and evolving technology, ensuring that your organization stays relevant and protected in every way possible.

Managed IT services for financial companies that we offer:

Cloud Deployment and Management

Accram is your one-stop shop when it comes to cloud computing management. From deployment to security testing and disaster recovery planning, we’re here to simplify your financial organization’s cloud operations.

Wireless Network Setup and Protection

Whether you’re a 50-person or 50,000-member organization, we’ll make sure your team is set up on a reliable and impenetrable wireless network. We install and manage fiber optic and copper cabling, WLAN and LANn networks, and more.

Secure Data Storage and Infrastructure

Store, access, backup, and restore your data with confidence. Our data backup solutions are secure and adaptable to your cloud network, hybrid setup, or on-premise technology. Searching for an adaptable partner when it comes to your infrastructure as a whole? We’re here to support your operations and develop custom solutions.

Network and Workstation Maintenance

When you partner with a trustworthy, credible, and customer-first IT company like Accram, rest assured, business will go on. Our 24x7 help desk operations and support team will maintenance everything from your cloud network to your employees’ workstation setup.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation with Accram

We understand that data security, transparent and streamlined operations, and reliable communication are essential components to your financial model. Whether you’re searching for a provider who can fully manage your hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, or on-premise infrastructure, we will adapt to your technology and help your organization build a secure and reliable foundation. Learn more about how we can help your financial institution by contacting our team of IT professionals directly, or by scheduling your complimentary consultation.

*Consultations are complimentary and include a preliminary design proposal and a $10 Starbucks gift certificate.


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