Managed IT Services for Insurance Providers

Managed Infrastructure and Insurance IT Support

In the increasingly competitive insurance market, there’s no room for error when it comes to technology and infrastructure. Fragmented data, security breaches, and unreliable connectivity hinder operational efficiency, especially as you’re trying to process large amounts of data and onboard new clients. Stand out from your competitors and create a seamless experience for your clients by partnering with Accram, a reliable and experienced managed IT service provider. We prioritize your insurance company’s data security and work to provide reliable and compliant managed IT solutions. Whether you need help managing an on-premise server or migrating and managing a new cloud network, Accram is here to help!

HIPAA Compliant IT Services for Health Insurance Providers

At Accram, we understand the intricacies and procedures when it comes to handling patient data and healthcare information. All of our IT professionals who work with your infrastructure are regularly trained and are required to sign confidentiality agreements per HIPAA compliance standards. To maintain our company’s HIPAA compliance certification, we undergo monthly and quarterly auditing.

Security Regulation

To add additional layers of privacy and security to your insurance company’s infrastructure and cloud computing network, we integrate our unique HIPAA compliance risk assessment tools. During our monthly and quarterly HIPAA compliance auditing, our tools are tested and optimized for your client’s security and your company’s peace of mind.

HIPAA Compliance

If you’re managing patient files and healthcare information/insurance records, you have to undergo intense training and sign confidentiality agreements. The role of an IT professional is no different. All Accram employees that work with PHI and insurance documentation are required to take compliance classes, attend seminars, and sign confidentiality agreements.

Breach Protection and DR Planning

Safeguarding your customer’s healthcare information is our top priority. During our initial consultation and account auditing for your insurance company’s IT infrastructure, we flag all potential security risk and develop a plan of action to secure it. From wireless insecurity to misconfigured firewalls, Accram is here to help.

Risk Limitation Procedures

Accram’s advanced managed IT services are designed to help your insurance organization as a whole - not just in the cloud. To limit security risks and privacy breaches, we enable proper data encryption tools, dual authentication resources, and secure backup solutions into our managed services and strategies.

Is Your Current Managed Insurance IT Support Provider HIPAA Compliant?

Speak with one of our trained and certified HIPAA specialists by scheduling your complimentary consultation, today. All visits are done on-site, includes a detailed risk assessment, and coffee!*  Schedule a complimentary HIPAA compliant risk assessment, today!

*Consultations are complimentary and include a preliminary design proposal and a $10 Starbucks gift certificate.

Reliable and Secure Technology Services

Blending reliability, scalability, and security into our managed insurance IT support, you can feel confident when partnering with Accram, Inc. We understand the challenges that your insurance company faces in today’s fast-paced and competitive market, and develop custom solutions that fit your operational and cost-needs. Do you already have an infrastructure model in place? Migrating to a new cloud system or server isn’t required  - we will adapt to your technology and develop solutions that will limit interruptions with your field agents and supportive sales teams.

Insurance IT Support and managed IT services:

  • 24x7 Help Desk and Support Services
  • Wireless Network Configuration and Management
  • Software Program Installation
  • Server, Network, Laptop, and Workstation support and maintenance
  • Email Set-up, Migration, Deployment, and Account Management
  • Data Storage and Recovery Solutions
  • Cloud Hosted VoIP Solutions
  • Firewall and Virus Protection
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • And More!

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When it comes to insurance infrastructure and network security,  it’s essential that your partner with an IT company that can adapt to your technology and develop solutions that will enhance your company’s operational efficiency and overall success. Accram, Inc., a recognized leader in the insurance IT support space,  is a reliable resource for all of your infrastructure, compliance, and complexity needs. We take security to the next level, working to protect your customer’s and company’s personal data in the cloud, through direct communication, VoIP, and other connected resources. To learn more contact our team of IT professionals directly or submit a consultation request online.


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