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While the internet powers communication and connectivity for businesses, there are a variety of security risks that you may encounter if not partnered with a cybersecurity expert. Credit card and identity theft, personal information hacking, and even physical theft are just a few of the threats that come with digitizing your business. As standard in today’s technological world and responsibility that all business owners should take on, you need to evaluate your organization’s infrastructure to ensure proper security protocols are followed and that there are no vulnerabilities when it comes to your customer’s data.

When you partner with Accram, a leader in information technology and cybersecurity service, you can gain confidence that your company’s and your customer’s data is secure. We evaluate the needs of your business and conduct in-depth auditing of your current structure to flag and eliminate any cybersecurity vulnerabilities that will leave your company at risk and potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

Cybersecurity Small Business Breaches

A data breach is painful and expensive to recover from - especially for small businesses who are at the focus point of thieves and hackers. Though you may have a robust cloud computing software in place, have you considered what your company will do if an unauthorized entity gained access to your data and client records? Are you ready to potentially lose $100,000 in equipment loss, data loss, emergency IT restructuring, virus/malware cleanup, forensic investigation, and industry penalties? If you’re shaking your head no, you’re not alone. Nearly 90% of small business owners believe they’re not at risk for a security breach and don’t plan for cybersecurity “what-if’s.” This, however, makes it impossible for a SMB to recover when a hack takes place.

Alongside helping small businesses recover from security breaches, Accram provides preventative solutions and security monitoring to protect your business from a serious attack. Whether you operate on a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid infrastructure setup, our cybersecurity service experts and IT professionals are here to support your company.

Data Breach Prevention & Cybersecurity Service

The first step to protecting your company and customers from a breach is to develop a solid cybersecurity strategy. Accram takes the following security best practices and components to create a strategy that incorporates your organization's needs and scales with you.

  • Employee training on standard security principles and protocol
  • Regular machine clean-up and auditing
  • Antivirus software setup
  • Firewall security configuration and WiFi protection
  • Mobile device security protection and encryption
  • Lost and stolen device protocol
  • Regular cloud backups
  • POC security and best practice training
  • System access configuration and limitation set-up
  • And more!


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