Implementation / Migration

Through Accram, Inc.’s Wireless Network Installers we design and set-up wireless solutions to meet business needs and budgets.

The key benefits of a wireless network are convenience, mobility, increased productivity, expandability, and ease of use. However without a detailed wireless network design you may jeopardize all of those benefits and will have an additional exposure unique to wireless networks. Through Accram, Inc.’s wireless network group of experienced engineers we are constantly designing and utilizing best practices for wireless networks to address the specific needs of our customers. Our network solutions will ensure that access is granted only to those who should have access, and that all users experience the speed and reliability needed to support the business. Designing a reliable and robust wireless system is Accram, Inc.’s specialty. Our Motto: “Up Time All the Time.”

Accram, Inc.’s Wi-Fi installations

Accram, Inc. will integrate your wireless systems in with current networks and certify operability through testing and proper connectivity. We can provide installation and mounting of systems, including: cabling, access points, antennae, power and remote power access, authentication of backbone connectivity and firmware, and IP address information.

Accram, Inc.’s Wi-Fi Installation’s include:

  • Fiber Optic and Copper
  • WLAN and LAN
  • Hotspots
  • Wireless Access Points and WAP Cabling
  • Signal Enhanced and Cellular Boost Installations
  • Telephone and VOIP, CCTV, Point of Sale (POS), Signage, Security and Video Surveillance, Paging, and Multimedia System Installations
  • Mobile Access
  • All Networks and Access Points

Accram, Inc. can also provide multi-location / multi-unit disconnect and reconnect services. We are experienced in moving IT Equipment from Wi-Fi systems to servers to printers. We can move offices across the city and across the nation.

We can even offer 24/7 network monitoring and repair services on your Wireless Network. Our network service agreements are customized to your requirements. You customize, you decide on the level of your network service agreement.


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