IT Relocation Services

Need assistance with your IT, printers and copier relocation for your company? Accram, Inc. has certified multi-location / multi-unit experts who understand your business needs and can make the move and transfer stress-free.

Company IT Relocation Services

Company IT Relocation ServicesAccram, Inc. provides Information Techology relocation services for companies across the nation. Since 1981, Accram, Inc. has experience in moving and relocating client’s IT, desktops, servers, networks, printers and copiers and other IT related equipment. Through our certified technicians and engineers we provide disconnect and reconnect services for businesses on the move. We can reinstall all equipment around the clock so your company minimizes downtime. Our motto, after all, is “Uptime, all the time.”

IT Relocation Services

Looking for a company to handle your IT relocation that is well-timed, tactical and economical? Avoid the relocation stress! Contact Accram, Inc. today. 1-800-786-0288.

Accram, Inc.’s IT Relocation Services offers the following:

  • Low voltage cabling for add-ons, moves, and changes to an office/business. Our cabling team can provide desktop drops, printer/MFP/copier drops, and building of computer rooms/MDF (Median Distribution Facility).
  • We can write a scope of work (SOW), have the service engineers in place to de-install and/or install new hardware and manage the entire project from beginning to end across multiple States and offices.
  • Out Help Desk that is available 24/7 for monitoring and repair through our customizable Network Service Agreements.
  • We are certified through HP and Microsoft to provide maintenance and onsite repair. We are also certified on Cisco and Hubbell systems.
  • We can service and install all parts of your network including: Switches, routers, hubs, servers, desktops, laptops, and printers.
  • We are well versed in configurations and connections of connecting all types of network printers and multifunction devices (MFP) to WAN’s and LAN’s.
  • We provide security features to protect your data and keep up with industry standards and requirements when handling critical data, documents and records.

Make your relocation stress-free! Accram, Inc. is here to make your relocation problems go away, allowing you to focus on your business with minimal downtime.


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