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Secure, Reliable, and Cost-effective IT Solution by Accram

Accram provides secure, reliable, and cost-effective IT solutions designed to help you solve tough business challenges and operational roadblocks. Whatever technology your organization currently uses or where you plan to move to, our team of IT professionals will adapt and manage along the way. Do you need a custom solution to provide support for your on-premise infrastructure or multi-location copier setup? Accram is here to help. We design our managed IT services to complement and support your business completely - taking the guesswork out of IT and providing a level of confidence as you scale.

Our managed IT services include everything from cybersecurity solutions to workstation configuration and printer repair services. We incorporate each of these features and IT components into each managed plan, limiting your need to outsource other providers and worry about your who’s manning your network's security.

Principal components and benefits of Accram's managed IT services:

State-of-the-art Data Centers

To protect your data and provide a virtualized solution to eliminate expensive purchases, Accram offers robust data storage and backup solutions in our state-of-the-art data centers. Protected with multiple layers of safeguarding tools and on-premise protection 24/7, you can sleep well knowing that your data is safe. When you start a managed IT plan with Accram, DR strategies and business continuity solutions are developed.

24x7 Support and Monitoring

Help Desk and virtual support are available 24x7 and with unlimited access, giving your organization the true “full-stack” IT support partner your searching for. When you integrate with our managed solutions, you also gain access to 24x7 data monitoring and software maintenance, limiting security vulnerabilities and receiving the support you need on demand. Support services include general software updates, workstation configuration, email setup, and more.

Complete Security & Protection

To protect your company’s and customer’s data, we develop, deploy, and continually enhance your infrastructure network and on-premise security  features. Some of these unique security tools and on-premise systems include CCTV, access control systems, data backups, and more. Do you work with patient files? Large amounts of personal data? Accram is a certified HIPAA compliant IT provider and offers PII security compliance solutions.

Virtual Applications and Cloud Integration

Free your cash from annual software, license, and technology fees by partnering with Accram. We help your business save money and make strategic decisions when it comes to technology purchasing, guiding your organization to software and equipment purchasing  that fit your operational needs and budget. Worried about maintenance and costs associated with computer and equipment repair? Accram offers proactive copier, printer, and computer repair programs.

Connected Service for Multi-Unit/Locations

Your time is valuable. With Accram, you can consolidate all of your locations/units’ technology solutions with one company! Partner with Accram, with a reliable and available partner, today.  We can service your IT needs and support requests in all 50 states.

More Than Online Services

Internet connectivity and infrastructure play an essential role in your organization’s operational processes, but we understand that business and success expands beyond the web. Alongside our network services, we offer on-site printer and copier repair, CCTV setup, WiFi configuration, and more!

There are a variety of benefits to partnering with Accram, Inc., but three main differentiators set our managed IT services apart. Our team of IT professionals lives and breathe our company values, which given us the ability to improve and grow businesses across a variety of industries.

  • When it comes to your business, you can trust that Accram will deliver solutions and execute on strategies that will drive true success.
  • We treat all of our customers as if our paychecks depend on it, because it does, and
  • We only deliver what we can promise.

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Accram’s Mobile Office managed IT solution is a full-stack service that takes the guesswork out of infrastructure and technology. Whether you’re searching for an IT professional who can manage your on-premise server, or you’re looking to secure your building(s) with modernized technology, Accram will adapt to your infrastructure and help your business scale. Learn more about our reliable, secure, and cost-effective managed IT solutions by contacting us directly, or submitting a complimentary consultation request.

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