Desktop / Laptop Repair

Accram, Inc. has been performing computer service, printer service, computer repair, and printer repair in Phoenix, Arizona since 1981. Our growth in Phoenix Computer Service and Multi-Location / Multi-Unit Computer Services comes from a relentless passion to exceed our customer‘s needs. Our Business motto is Uptime, all of the time. This motto is our focus and reason for being.

We want our customers, clients, and dear friends to have their businesses up all the time. To achieve uptime all the time, we offer many types of service agreements from Multi-Location / Multi-Unit Computer Repair Services to agreements on Phoenix Computer Service. These computer maintenance agreements are available with client defined hours of coverage and response times. Call 1-800-786-0288 for our multi-location / multi-unit computer maintenance agreement and/or prepaid Phoenix computer service agreement.

Onsite Computer Service In The Phoenix, AZ Metro Area

Accram, Inc. as a nation wide computer service company supports a variety of hardware and software platforms. We can provide Phoenix, Computer Repair Service and Multi-Location / Multi-Unit Computer Repair services for; Laptops, PC’s, Servers, and printers. Accram, Inc. can also provide remote and onsite computer maintenance for the operating systems of: Novell, Microsoft Windows all flavors/all versions, all types of backup up software, many off the shelf and custom applications. Accram, Inc. is well versed in remote and onsite computer repair services for your Wide Area Networks (WAN), Local area Networks (LAN), backup systems, routers, and switches.
Phoenix, Arizona Computer Repair & Maintenance

Core Competencies of our Onsite Computer Maintenance

  • PC/Server hardware
  • Operating systems support
  • Virus removal and prevention
  • Spyware removal and prevention
  • Network troubleshooting and installations
  • Data Back-up
  • New PC installations and data migration from existing workstations
  • We are capable of supporting all back up systems and performing data recovery on working and non working hard drives


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Mailing Address:
2901 W. Clarendon
Phoenix, AZ 85017

Call: (800) 220-0547

Email: sales@accram.com

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