Client Testimonials

At Accram, we are very proud that our own clients not only refer other small business to us but also send us testimonials!

Hear from some of our current, longtime customers on their experiences while working with our team: 


Deanne Gosse, Morris Hall PLLC

“When we moved our IT Services from another local provider to Accram, we were immediately impressed with their timeliness to our requests both in the quoting stage as well as for support requests for our locations both local and outside of Arizona. Their team is always there to assist us in bringing down our overall costs for technology support with transitioning into their VOIP solutions, Microsoft licensing costs as well as recommending the hardware upgrades we need that will last (and not have to be replaced again in a year). Accram is a great partner for our firm and offer the support we need so we can focus on our clients and our core business.”


Rick Johns, Pueblo Family Physicians

“Our practice has been using Accram’s services to support our business for over 30 years. With our 2 locations in the valley and over 50 employees that include doctors, physician assistants and administrative staff, we are able to run our practice knowing that the tools we need are being maintained and monitored by Accram. There is no better feeling than knowing that we can pick up the phone and talk to one of the friendly folks at Accram to either answer a quick question or remotely solve an issue that we are experiencing so my staff can get back to work almost immediately. Great team to work with and we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our IT needs!”


Brad Klein, Paid in Full Inc.

“Having an on-premise IT department is not a cost-effective solution for most small-medium sized businesses like mine. If another business owner was to ask me for my opinion when choosing an IT provider, I would tell them that Accram is their best solution if preventing problems and quickly resolving any issues that may arise is important to them.”



Howard Fleischmann Sr., Community Tire Pros

“I interviewed several companies at a store that had an issue with one computer and it was obvious it was causing issues for our people. Tow of the companies we interviewed said let’s make that our first priority. Accram took the time to look at it and suggested they believed it was a simple fix; took it with them and returned it the following morning up and running. Those are the kind of people we want on our team!”



John Iannucci, Iannucci Law Group

“Accram’s service personnel are second to none. They are responsive, dedicated, patient and keep working until they solve my concerns. You can find IT services through a limitless number of sources. While Accram stays abreast of all the latest technology, it’s Accram’s people that make the big difference. Everyone at Accram has the same level of incredible dedication to helping their clients.”



Robin McEntire, Integrity Outsource LLC

“Our company utilizes Accram’s Mobile Office virtual environment. It provides the peace of mind of not having to maintain a server, and the flexibility to access my desktop from anywhere. The Accram family is great to work with! They are good people that always see my needs as a priority. It’s very reassuring to know that if there’s a problem I can pick up the phone and reach someone quickly for immediate attention.”



Tony Josifek, Xcellent Accounting

“If someone asked me for assistance with choosing an IT firm, I would ask them first whether the time and capital required to manage their own hardware, installment upgrades, delay calling their IT firms for service is the best use of their time and money. And second, whether they honestly think their email and environment is more secure than that of a professional, HIPAA-Compliant IT firm. Our assessment was and continues to be no and outsourcing this function is the best use of our time, cost effective and significantly more secure.”


Steve Mason, Old World Homes

“There are many benefits we have enjoyed moving to Accram, and my favorite option would have to be that we don’t have to worry about maintaining servers, software licenses, firewalls, security, etc. Accram’s team quickly jumps on problems when they pop-up and take care of all the weird stuff that we need (including operator error).”



Jason Bengert, Madison One Capital

“The single biggest benefit of using Accram and their Mobile Office platform is definitely the elimination of workstation dependence. The ability for each user to open their personalized workspace on any computer has dramatically decreased downtime and provided maximum flexibility for each user to stay on task.”



Mark Hester, Hester Heitel & Associates

“The largest benefit to our company since moving to Accram for IT support is having one source for integrated IT and VOIP telephone service. Accram is a more responsive local supplier, and a great fit for an operation that doesn’t have “in-house IT”. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.”



Danielle Bailey, Everkrisp Vegetables

“Our company has always used Accram for our ongoing network maintenance because they offer us peace of mind. Their managed IT team are always very helpful and willing to explain any information or changes necessary to our staff. I would recommend Accram to other companies because they are reliable, honest and respectful of our company and our time.”


Mark Henning, Ahwatukee Board of Management

“Accram is always there and available when we have an issue. Quick to respond and get us back up and running. In my 18 years working with Accram, I can always count on them to provide us a reasonable, cost effective solutions for our IT needs.”




President, Lynch Bros Manufacturing

“The biggest benefit for our company when moving to Accram’s Mobile Office solution was that any/all issues are addressed very rapidly – 24hrs a day, 7 days a week! And one thing that Accram does better than other IT firms that I have worked with in the past is respond! If someone was on the fence about choosing an IT firm, I would tell them to be careful of the barbed wire!”