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Technology and cloud computing is continuously evolving… how do VoIP business phone systems adapt? With Accram’s cloud VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, solutions, you can integrate your cloud software with on-premise phone systems without losing the connectivity or cross-device capabilities. This modernization of communication and adaptability will make your operations more efficient and your team less stressed when working on-the-go.

Whether you’re switching from a traditional on-premise infrastructure or are already integrated with the cloud, Accram’s technology professionals are “on-call” and prepared to help your team get started with VoIP business phones.

Benefits of VoIP, cloud-hosting, and Accram:

Convenience and Reliability

Keep your team focused on day-to-day operations - we’ll handle the implementation and management of your cloud VoIP systems and cloud software. Our extensive experience with both cloud computing and VoIP phone configuration and management will make your transition to VoIP and integration easier.

Secure cloud VoIP Integration

Security and encryption aren’t limited to emails and online files. To protect your company’s and your customer’s voice conversations, messaging, and web communication, Accram integrates multiple layers of security to our cloud  VoIP systems. Regular auditing is conducted to test and verify the security of your systems.

Accessibility and Mobility

The benefits of cloud computing are extended with Accram’s hosted cloud VoIP integration. Connect with your employees and customers on-the-go through any device, and at any time. The goal of cloud VoIP integration is to streamline your communication across devices.

Improved Productivity

Paying for various video, messaging, and web communication applications is a thing of the past. With cloud VoIP, video conferencing, group call communication, email, SMS messaging, and faxing is standard and accessible in one centralized environment.

Partnering with Accram uncovers uncomparable benefits when it comes to organizational productivity, scalability, and security improvements. Our cloud computing and IT professionals work hard to ensure your company’s communication needs are met with our cloud VoIP systems.

Managed IT Services Focused on Your Practice

Accram Inc., a national managed IT service provider headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is known for its specialty with healthcare infrastructure and technology. From strategic planning to network protection and cloud migration, we’re focused on improving your practice and protecting your patients. During your complementary risk assessment, our IT professionals will assess your current infrastructure and provide a preliminary design proposal. Contact us at 1-800-786-0288 to learn more about our managed IT services, or submit a consult request to get started.

Cloud-hosted VoIP FAQs:

What’s the difference between traditional calling and cloud VoIP? Although the functionality of traditional calling and VoIP is the same, call-quality and connectivity is vastly improved when you switch to cloud VoIP. With communication now streamlined through the internet, you’ve eliminated standard call issues that companies have previously reported. Additionally, communication through the web has given companies advanced communication features without the price tag.

Will my business benefit from cloud VoIP? If you are a growing SMB or corporate enterprise in need of a service that will scale with them, VoIP is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, you gain the following benefits without additional costs. Traditional call equipment only receives basic services like caller ID and voicemail.

  • Unlimited calling
  • Voicemail configuration
  • Voice to email configuration
  • Call waiting and call notifications
  • Auto-attendant
  • Call queuing
  • Dial by name and caller ID integration
  • Conference calling
  • Do not disturb settings
  • Group paging
  • Hold music configuration
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Virtual extensions
  • And more!

Can my healthcare organization take advantages of VoIP? If partnered with Accram, a HIPAA Compliant Business Associate, your healthcare organization can take advantage of cloud VoIP! Our HIPAA compliance certification, training, and services expand to cloud-hosted VoIP system setup and management for hospitals, wellness groups, medical practices, insurance providers, and more.


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