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HIPAA Compliance

At Accram, HIPAA compliance includes several tools designed to ensure compliance with all healthcare IT related privacy and security regulations.

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Referral Credo

I know that any referrals given to me are a function of TRUST

As for a result, I would like to make the following commitments to you, the Referrer, to maintain your TRUST as I interact with referred clients.

With your referrals of prospective clients, you can expect me to do the following:

  1. Acknowledge receipt of the referral from you within one business day. Be prepared before calling them.
  2. Make contact with the referral within one business day – copying you via email.
  3. Make it easy for your referred client to deal with me.
  4. Never aggressively “sell” a referred client.
  5. Respect the wishes of the referred client. If they are not interested I will honor them by no longer pursuing or distracting them.
  6. Keep my word on all commitments.
  7. Maintain strict confidentiality in all matters.
  8. Keep you informed on all progress with the referred client.
  9. Share any learnings from the referred client experience with you.
  10. Say “thank you!”

Thank you for all your confidence in me!

Bob Daquilante
President and CEO

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